Medical and Professional Malpractice


You are entitled to recover for injuries caused by the professional negligence of careless physicians, nurses, and other healthcare personnel. These persons are obligated by the law to follow reasonable and accepted standards of care for their particular specialties. Their failure to follow the standards can indeed be catastrophic. Examples of medical malpractice would be the emergency room physician who gives an improper diagnosis and a wrongful death occurs, the orthopedic surgeon who operates on the wrong hip, the mental health professional who becomes intimately involved with the patient, the Pediatric neurologist who fails to diagnose spinal meningitis, the staff of the nursing home not being attentive to the needs of the geriatric patient who suffered from decubitus ulcers, or the registered nurse in the hospital whose failure to follow required protocols is the cause of permanent brain damage to a new-born baby. Damages can also be the result of the malpractice negligence of an attorney, accountant, etc.